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Frequently Asked Questions | Artessy | Find Yourself

When will my order ship?

All products require 2 - 4 business days to print and manufacture before shipping. Everything at Artessy Fine Art is printed and manufactured “On-Demand”. Artessy does not pre-make any product. Everything is made custom just for you when it is needed.

What is your cancellation / return policy?

Artessy Fine Art return policy is very simple: If you're not happy with a purchase that you made on ArtessyFineArt.com, for any reason, you can return it to us within 30 days of the order date. Please take into consideration: ArtessyFineArt.com, will not reimburse return shipping charges unless the return is due to a defect in quality.

Where is my order?

As soon as your order ships, we'll send you an e-mail confirmation with a tracking number included in the e-mail. We send the e-mail to the e-mail address that you provided when you placed your order.

Can I get a discount for a bulk purchase?

If you plan on buying 15 or more prints at the same time, please contact us directly via Phone or Email and we will send you a quote. In order to provide you with a quote, we need to know exactly what you intend to purchase.

What file format should I use when uploading images?

Your images need to be saved as HIGH RES JPEG or TIFF Files. Also your files must be 25 MB or Smaller.

I'm buying a gift. Will the purchase price appear on the invoice with my order?

You can send your order as a gift. We do NOT include any dollar amounts on the invoice that will be included with your purchase.

Can I include a gift message with my purchase?

Yes you can, you can include a gift message with your purchases (extra fee).

What resolution should my images be when uploading to ArtessFineArt.com?

You want to capture your images with the highest resolution camera that you have access to. The higher the resolution, the better quality art piece can be provided. (This only pertains to photos).

Should I include a digital signature or copyright notice on my images?

Everything that appears in your artwork, is what will appear in the art piece.  Digital signatures are fine as long as they look "stylized". Think about it for a second - if you were buying an art piece, would you want to see that signature on your wall? (unless it reads “Picasso” of course).

Do you offer free shipping?

No, we never offer free shipping. Just like a businessman would say “Nothing in this world is free”. If a website is offering “free shipping”, they are just simply making you pay more for there product in order to cover the shipping charges. Here at Artessy, we tell it like it is.

What happens if my order is damaged during shipment?

We replace it! We do our absolute best to package your order so it does not incur any damages. But, we can not control UPS / FedEX delivery drivers who are the ones handling the order along the way. If your order arrives damaged, simply contact us and we will get a replacement order into production.

How can I Pay?

All orders must be paid using a Credit Card, Debit Card, or Paypal.

How Secure Our My Images?

When you upload an image to ArtessyFineArt.com, we store your high-resolution file in a secure location that is never displayed anywhere on the internet. As a result, the high-resolution file can not be stolen. We never upload the HIGH RES file to our website. We upload a LOW RES file for the public to view. When the buyer then buys your image, we print from the HIGH RES file we have in our database. Unfortunatelty, the LOW RES file can be stolen, there is absolutely nothing we can do about that, doesn’t matter who you are. We do use little tricks to help prevent people from stealing your images for instance, we only showcase LOW RES file, disable the right-click button on the mouse, put our watermark on the LOW RES file etc.