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Acrylic Wall Art Mount Options

Luxurious Photo Display.

Artessy provides you with a frameless acrylic face mount that offers an incredibly brilliant and contemporary display that no other presentation can match. There are a few select art companies in the world who know how to do it and do it well.

A True Art Piece

When it comes to High-End Artwork, Artessy sets the expectation. First, we start off with a HIGH-DEFINITON archival and acid-free print onto a high gloss photo paper. We then apply the photo to the back of a 1/4" Framers Grade, UV Stabilized Acrylic to give the image a rich, glass like finish. At Artessy, every Acrylic Art Piece comes standard with Laser Cut Edges. Why? It provides a glass edge, which allows you to see the image clearly on all 4 sides of the piece.

100% Handcrafted in Phoenix AZ - Locally Sourced Materials

All of our products are made in house by skilled craftsmen. People who have a passion for art and graphics. When you purchase through Artessy, you're purchasing from Artists. Every detail matters. That's the Artessy way.


We offer you 5 sizes to pick from:

-12" x 18"
-18" x 24"
-24" x 24"
-24" x 36"
-36" x 48"

Need a custom size or something massive?
We offer a custom size option and can go all the way up to a 48" x 96" Acrylic!

Arrives Ready-to-Hang

Every Art Piece arrives ready to hang. Acrylics come with 2 Mounting Options 1" x 1.125" OR A Hidden Museum Mount

Secure Shipping Anywhere In The World

We ship your carefully packaged Artessy Art Piece to anywhere in the world. From Coast-to-Coast, Mexico, Brazil, to Canada, all of Europe and the Americas Artessy Art is shipped across the globe. Insurance is available.