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Truly One Of A Kind Art

Artessy stands out from the rest. A specialty art piece. Brushed Aluminum Metal prints. The metal grain stylizes and enhances the artwork, especially as the ambient light changes in the environment. As you walk by the art, watch as it shines at all angles. Any white areas in your selected work of art will show the naked, true metal texture.

Passion. It's the Artessy way

After you choose your selected work of art, the process begins. First, we select the substrate. We look at all corners, sides, and surface for any defects. After our production artist approves, it's sent to the printer. Ran in HIGH-QUALITY mode, the printer only lays ink in one direction, laying every dot-per-inch with extreme precision. Fresh off the bed, it is handled with extreme care over to be finished off to make a state of the art brushed aluminum print.

100% Handcrafted in Phoenix AZ - Locally Sourced Materials

Can you feel it. There’s love in the air. All of our products are made in house by skilled craftsmen. People who have a passion for art and graphics. When you purchase through Artessy, you're purchasing from Artists. Every detail matters. That's the Artessy way.


We offer you 5 sizes to pick from:

-12" x 18"
-18" x 24"
-24" x 24"
-24" x 36"
-36" x 48"

Need a custom size or something massive?
We offer a custom size option and can go all the way up to a 48" x 96" UltraBoard!

Arrives Ready-to-Hang

Every Art Piece arrives ready to hang. UltraBoard come with a standard Every Art Piece arrives ready to hang. Brushed Metal Prints come with two standard options:
-(4) Brushed Aluminum 1” diameter by 1” Stand-Offs Or
- A Hidden Museum Mount, that floats off the wall
All included Hardware for mounting is included

Secure Shipping Anywhere In The World

We ship your carefully packaged Artessy Art Piece to anywhere in the world. From Coast-to-Coast, Mexico, Brazil, to Canada, all of Europe and the Americas. Artessy Art is shipped across the globe. Insurance is available.